Alergare Bucuresti 2018

  • 4782 RUN 1K WOM OPEN
  • 4783 RUN 1K MEN OPEN
  • 4802 RUN 5K WOM OPEN
  • 4803 RUN 5K MEN OPEN
  • 4806 RUN 5K WOM 30~39
  • 4807 RUN 5K MEN 30~39

IAAF Rules modified for Corporate Games.

The events for this sport are: 1 km, 5 km; -30, 30-39, 40-49, +50 years, individual woman/man; relay 4 x 400 m mix Open or +40 years. One participant can compete in only one individual event and one relay.

The participants must wear equipment suited for running on artificial lane. The BIBs are offered by organizers.

Alergare Bucuresti 2018

3. Competition
3.1 Track
The race takes place in Baneasa Forest, on unpaved tracks, with obstacles (tree trunks, ditches etc.). The start is at the Police Academy, then through the Baneasa Forest, with the finishing line aback at the Police Academy.
The track is marked and has several check points.

3.2 Map
The map of the track will be given to the participants 5 working days prior to the competition day.

3.3 Contest format
Participants can register at male/ female individual or double male, double female or mixed rounds.
At the individual round participants will cover either 5 km, 10 km or 2 rounds of the track, in total 21 km, and at the double round, organized as relay race, each participant will cover on e track (10.5 km), the passing on of the tracking device sensor being arranged at the Police Academy stadium.

3.4 Competition Conduct
Each contestant will receive a competition number and a tracking device.
It is a group start, at intervals of 5-10 minutes, depending on the number of contestants.
The time keeping will be provided by the expert Federation and is electronic with individuals sensors.
When passing through the check points, the referees will fill the competition forms with each contestant that passed.
The finish will be signalled and each contestant is required to pass over the rug which has sensors built in order for it to record the time of each contestant.

3.5 Hydratation
Each hydratation station will offer bottles of water for the contestants.

3.6 Incomplete teams
A team can’t continue a race if one of its members did now show up or go over the finishing line. In this case, incomplete teams can cover the entire trak, but it will be in the No points, no medals system.

3.7 Changes
After registration at the Supercenter it is not possible to change the dynamic of the team or the challenges a participant chose to participate in.

3.8 Supporters
At the competition supporters can watch the race without an entrance fee.

3.9 Equipment and uniforms
Contestants must come equipped accordingly for running through the forest. Protection goggles and long pants are recommended, to avoid injuries due to tree branches. It is also recommended that contestants have a mobile phone in case of emergencies.

5. Penalties
5.1 Check points
In the eventuality of one team or contestant not going through the check point they will be disqualified.

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