Badminton Winter 2020

Badminton Winter 2020

5. Competition format

5.1 Court

The court it 13.40 m x 5.18 m for individual rounds and 13.40 m x 6.10 m for doubles rounds. The same court is used for both single and double rounds, with visible delimitation lines. The court is split in two equal parts divided by a net with a height of 1.52 m at the middle and 1.55 m at the edges.

5.2 Score Card

Is the document on which the technical facts regarding the game are shown and is the official document of the match. At the end of the match, team captains have the responsibility of signing the score card in order for the score to be certified. In the case in which a team captain refuses to sign the score card, the score will be announced by the referee.

5.3 Team

Matches are designed for single and double.

5.4 Game play

The competitions runs on group system, usually formed out of 4 contestants/double teams, followed by an elimination tour.

5.5 Scoring

Matches in the group phase will be played until one contestant wins a set of 21 points.

5.6 The set

A set has 21 points at each challenge. At 20 points tie, the one that wins is whoever gets a 2 points difference. At 29 points tie, the one who wins the 30th point, wins the set. During the set, when one contestant reaches 11 points there is a 60 seconds break.

5.7 The service

The service is correct when:

-the shuttlecock is hit from under the hip

-in the moment of contact with the shuttlecock, the superior part of the badminton racquet is under the level of the hand holding the racquet

-the movement of the hand that holds the racquet is continues, without interruptions

-it is directed in the diagonal of the court, in the right square Common mistakes:

-the shuttlecock hits the athlete

-the body or racquet of the athlete touch the net

-the shuttlecock hits the ground before going over the net

-the shuttlecock is hit twice

-the feet of the athlete serving must both touch the ground when serving

-serving is not done above the waist level

-another player hits the shuttlecock on the opposing court

5.8 Server and receiver

Players will be on each side of the net. The server is the one who kicks off the game for the first point. The receiver is the player who is prepared to hit and return the shuttlecock.

5.9 Picking the side of the court and the service

Picking the side of the court and who will serve or receive in the first game will be decided by random draw before the warm up. The player/ team who wins the draw can choose:

a. To be the server or receiver of the first game of the match, in which case the opponent(s) will chose the side of the court

b. The side of the court, in which case the opponent(s) will chose whether they want to serve or receive

c. To ask the opponent(s) to choose one of the option listed above

5.10 Equipment and uniform

Tops, short of short skirt, mainly white. Each contestant must bring their own racquet. Shuttlecocks are provided by the organizors



Same coloured t-shirts


Each participant can compete in one individual and two double competitions.

Games are 1 set until 21 points.


Racquets brought by contestants and shuttlecocks provided by the organizers.

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