Dragon Boat Bucuresti 2018

Dragon Boat Bucuresti 2018

4. Race procedure
4.1 Format
The competitions will take place on two or more distances.
Every team in the competition is automatically signed up for all challenges in the competition.

4.2 Race report
Is the document on which the technical facts regarding the race are shown and is the official document of the match.
At the end of the race, team captains have the responsibility of signing the race report in order for the results to be certified. In the case in which a team captain refuses to sign the race report, the results will be announced by the referee.

4.3 Crew
In each boat there will be 10 rowers, a drummer and a helmsman.
The drummer will be seated and must hit the drum in order to set the intensity and rhythm of rowing during the race.
The drummer, in exceptional cases (accident, unbalance and falling into the water) can be replaced by the helmsman through vocal commands.
Boats, paddles, helms, drums and life jackets are provided to each team in the competition by the organizers.

4.4 Equipment
Teams must wear colour matching uniforms (shorts, tops, etc). Only paddles and life jackets provided by the organizers can be used.
Life jackets are compulsory.
Teams must assure that their equipment is in good shape, not deteriorated ad functional before the start.
Corporate Games is not responsible for defect sporting equipment (boats, life jackets, paddles, drums etc.)
All athletes must wear their badges while on the boat. The organizers reserve the right to ask for id at any moment of the competition in order to eliminate any suspicions during the races.

10. Race format
Teams must group behind the starting line with at least 3 minutes before the start.
The start referee will call all teams for alignment on their designated lanes, which were chosen by draw 2 minutes before the official start.
Crews that are late or don’t respect the start referee’s commands can be penalized with a warning of false start.
A crew must row only on their designed lane towards the finish.
If at the start there is only one crew aligned, in order for them to be named winners, they will need to compete in a normal race until the finish line. Otherwise they won’t be taken into consideration for the final or intermediary final.
Alignment at the start is done with the dragon’s head in front.
The race will be one by the team that reaches the finish line first with the dragon head or any other part of the boat.
Crews that produced collision and damage to the opponents’ goods will have to pay for the damage.
Crews that can’t follow the referees/competition officials directions or break the hereby regulation will be disqualified.

11. Replacements
Each team is composed of 12-24 participants. In each race it is permitted the replacement of athletes for a better performance of the team. The replacement can be done only before the race before docking.

12. Fouls and unsportsmanlike behavior
12.1 Fouls penalized with a warning
An athlete will be warned when he commits one of the following fouls:
• Is guilty of unsportsmanlike behavior
• Manifests his disapproval through words and gestures
• Persistently breaks the competition’s regulation
• Delays the race from resuming
• Doesn’t respect the organizers’ indications
• Gets in the boat without the permission of the referees or breaks the replacement procedure
• Doesn’t show up at the time mentioned at the docking area
•False start warning

12.2 Fouls penalized with elimination
An athlete will be eliminated under the following conditions:
• Is guilty of a serious foul
• Is guilty of a violent behavior
• Uses the paddle in other purposes than sporting ones
• Uses insulting words or gestures
• Receives two warnings during the same race

Dragon Boat Bucuresti 2018
Lac Herastrau

Parc Herăstrău
Baza sportiva Triumf in apropiere de Insula Copiilor

  • 2071 DRB MIX OPEN
  • 2073 DRB MEN OPEN

RULES IDBF- modified for Corporate Games


There will be races on two or more distances. Each team covers a minimum of 2 races of the mentioned distances. It is recommended for each team to do 4 practice runs before the race. There is no need for experience in this sport, as long as the athletes can swim at least 50 meters dressed (top, short, sport shoes, life jackets, hat etc.) In the boat there will be 10 rowers, a drummer and a helmsman. At least 4 training sessions are recommended. 


Teams are composed of 12-24 athletes, male and female.


Team must wear matching shirt (life jackets are compulsory)

Dragon Boat Bucuresti 2018
Progressive Top 8 Point Winners by Event
2071 DRB MIX OPEN            
1   JTI   96    
    JTI TEAM        
4   GFK ROMANIA   60    
2073 DRB MEN OPEN            
1   JTI   96    
    JTI TEAM        
    BAT INVEST        

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