Inot Bucuresti 2018

Inot Bucuresti 2018

Corporate Games Romania, part of the Corporate Games Worldwide network, attracts through an unique sporting event participants that are part of Romanian companies, regardless of the legal organization of the company or its number of employees. Our concept is “Open to all for the benefit of all!” and is based on the integration of all social categories, people with disabilities, with no discrimination of sex, religion etc.

1. Participants
Corporate Games athletes can be persons registered for the competition by the company, even if they are employees or business partners, clients, suppliers, former employees, shareholders and administrators.
Professional athletes, legitimated by the Federation at the moment of the competition, are not allowed to participate in the event. Each participant will be verified based on the information given in the Registry Forms, and the ones confirmed by the Federation will be excluded without having their participation fee reimbursed.
In the company lot the trainer, masseur and manager can be included. They are required to pay the participation fee and will have access at the locations of the event based on their badges. All partakers are required to wear their badges on and off the field where the event is taking place. Organizers reserve the rights to ask for identification at any time during the event, to prevent suspicions during the championship.

2. Officials
2.1. Referee
All competitions that take place during Corporate Games, benefit of professional referees, provided by Sport Award.
Referees at the start will control and organize the start of the race, while track referees verify that each athlete went trough the checkpoint and finish referee will register the arrival and timing for each contestant.

2.2 Game Monitor
At all competition taking place during Corporate Games, a representative of Sport Award is the supreme authority regarding the organization. He monitors over the right conduit of the competition and takes the necessary measures before, during and after the competition, in the event of organizational issues or deviations from the hereby regulation.

2.3 The Board Committee
The board is the supreme ruler of Corporate Games, the decisions taken by him being definite and incontestable.
The board forms the Discipline Committee, responsible with reviewing all deviations from the rules that occurred during the competition, on and off the field, complaints and reclamations. They are also responsible with giving out the appropriate penalties applied by the hereby regulation. The decision taken by the Committee and Board will be passed forward to the team managers as soon as possible.

3. Competition
3.1 Pool
The competition will take place on the rows marked with floaters and the start is off the block starter, at the referee’s mark.
The pool is 50 meters long (Olympic pool)

3.2 The start
The start in the freestyle and breaststroke individual will be done by a jump in the water.
At the referee’s mark, swimmers get on the starter block and remain there.
At the starters mark (take your position) swimmers will take their starting position with at least one foot on the edge of the block start. The position of the arms is irrelevant.
When all athletes are in the starting position, the started will give the start signal.
The start for the backstroke will be in the water.
If a swimmer starts before the signal he will be disqualified. If the start signal goes off before the disqualification, the race will proceed and the swimmer will be disqualified at the end of the race. If the disqualification is done before the start signal, then the swimmer will leave the competition and the remaining athletes will retake the start.

3.3 Swimming styles
Freestyle means that the swimmer is allowed to use any technical swimming procedure he wants.
A part of the swimmer’s body must touch the wall at the end of each lap and at the finish.
A part of the swimmer’s body must break the water during the entire race, except when the swimmer turns, he is permitted to be fully under water, but not over 15 meters. From this point the head must break the water.

Before the start signal, swimmers line up in the water, facing the wall and grabbing the starting block with both hands.
It is forbidden for the legs to be on the wave breaker as is holding on with the toes to the edge of the wave breaker.
At the start signal and after the turns, the swimmer must push himself against the wall and swim on his back for the entire lap, excepting when he turns.
The normal position can include the rotation movement of the body around the longitudinal axel, but his body can’t reach a 90 degree angle in the horizontal line of the water. The position of the head is not relevant.
A part of the body must break the surface of the water at all times. It is permitted for a swimmers body to be fully underwater when he turns and reaches the finish, but only for a 15m distance after the start and turn. At the 15m mark the head must break the surface of the water.
During the turn, it is obligatory for a part of the body to touch the wall of the pool. During the turn the shoulders can rotate vertically after which with a traction of the arm or both arms at the same time the body can be turned again. After leaving the wall the swimmer must return to the backstroke position.
At the end of the race the swimmer must touch the pool’s wall in the backstroke position.

From the first movement of the arms after the start and each turn, the body of the swimmer must be on its chest. Turning the body on the back is not allowed at any time during the race. During the race, the traction cycles will be one of the arms one of the legs, in this order.
The arm movements will be simultaneous and on an horizontal plan without any other movements.
Te arms will be pushed towards the front together from the chest, at or under the surface of the water. The elbows will remain at all times under water, except before and during the turning move and at the finish. Arms won’t reach the hips with the exception of the first traction after start and after each turn.
During each completed cycle, a part of the swimmer’s head must break the surface of the water. After the start and each turn, the swimmer will make one complete traction of the arms towards the legs. The head will break the surface of the water before the arms open for the next traction.

3.4 The Race
The swimmer must cover the entire surface of the pool to qualify.
The swimmer must finalize the race on the same row he started from.
In all challenges, the swimmer must have physical contact with the pool’s wall.
The swimmer can push his body against the wall but is not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool in any way.
It is not permitted to pull on the rope that delimits the rows.
Interfering with another swimmer by swimming in his lane or hindering with him in any other way will result in disqualification.
Swimmers are not allowed to wear any accessories that may aid their speed or help them float (fins, speed gloves). Swimmers are allowed with goggles and a helmet.
If a swimmer is not signed up for the challenge that is running at the moment and jumps in the water, he will be disqualified from the contest. If the mistake affects a swimmer too much, the referee can decide to let him compete in the next round and if the incident happens in a final or last round the referee can decide to redo the round.

3.5 Time Keeping
Officials assigned per row for time keeping will give the registered times of each swimmer to the main referee.

3.6 Supporters
Supporters don’t need to pay any fees.

3.7 Equipment and uniform
Athletes must be equipped with swimming gear.
It is permitted to wear goggles and a helmet.

3.8 Medals
Teams and contestant that are ranked I, II and III place will receive medals during the award ceremony. Each team member will be awarded.

3.9 Trophies
Contestants ranked on the first 8 places bring points for the company they are representing.
For first place, the company will receive 8 points; for the second place 7 points, for third place 6 points and so on until the 8th place receives 1 point.
Based on the total number of points gathered by the team (or teams) in the competitions, there will be a company ranking.
Companies will be split in Divisions according to the number of registered contestants, so: 1st Division from 1 to 5 contestants, 2nd Division from 6 to 10 contestants, 3rd Division from 11 to 20, 4th Division from 21 to 50, 5th Division from 51 to 100, 6th Division from 101 to 150, 7th Division from 151 to 200 and 8th Division over 200 contestants. During each Division contest a Division Trophy will be awarded to the company that gathers the most amount of points.
Based on the points received by each company, a ranking on Divisions is made.
The winner of each Division will be awarded a trophy.
There will also be awarded a Trophy for the most amounts of medals (1st, 2nd and 3rd place added together)
The most prestigious trophy, Sport for Life, is awarded to the company that supports our concept and registers the biggest number of contestants.

4. Penalties
4.1 Check points
In the eventuality of one team or contestant not going through the check point they will be disqualified.

4.2 Contestations
Contestations must be written, addressed to the Organizers, in the first 15 minutes after the competition stopped with an addition 100 RON fee for the examination of the contestation. Contestations against the game will be examined by a team formed by two members of the organization committee and a neutral representative. Decisions are by majority and final. Organizers can apply sanctions to a contestant and team, which can mean the elimination out of the competition, without the reimbursement of the participation fee.

5. Registering at the SuperCenter
Each contestant must personally register at the SuperCenter, with a passport photo. He will receive an official badge that grants him rights to participate in the competition.
Each competition start on the field with the starting hour showed in the Registration Guide.
Attendance must be done 45 minutes prior to the start of the competition, in order to validate the badge at the officials.
With at least 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the competition, each contestant will line up at the start with the contest number on and the bike ready to go.


Organizers reserve the rights to deny the application of a company to participate at the competition, and also to bring changes to the hereby regulation, including the format of the game, having the role to better run the event. Any modification and change applied to the rules will be passed on to the participants as soon as possible.

Organizers reserve the rights to cancel certain sporting activities due to not having enough registered in order to schedules shootout games or to move the players to a different category.
Choosing to participate in the Corporate Games competitions, athletes reserve responsibility over their health state. By the hereby regulations, the organizing team of the championship reminds all participants that it is necessary to take a periodic physical exam and one before the start of the competition, the risks that come with not doing it being their own responsibility. By registering for Corporate Games, athletes are fully aware of the risks involved in practicing sports, including injuries or negative affects over ones health. Contestants agree to these regulations by registering in the competition, so in the case of an unfortunate event during a competition they will not have the right to complain to the organizing team.

Registration on Corporate Games and the participation of each athlete at any of the competitions require the athlete to agree and respect the hereby regulation.
By registration in the Corporate Games system, it is assumed that each participant agrees:
-to give Sport Award all rights over their image (individual/group) during the entire time of the event.
-to recognize the right Sport Award has to register and use personal data (name, biographical information, contact information, looks, voice and performance) in any media channel (including audio, photo and video) with the sole purpose of promoting Corporate Games and any other event from this system.

Inot Bucuresti 2018
Bazinul Dinamo

Sos. Stefan cel Mare

  • 7102 SWM FREE 50M WOM OPEN
  • 7117 SWM FREE 100M MEN OPEN
  • 7125 SWM FREE 100M MEN 40+
  • 7302 SWM BRST 50M WOM OPEN
  • 7303 SWM BRST 50M MEN OPEN
  • 7309 SWM BRST 50M MEN 40+
  • 7683 SWM REL 4x50 MEN OPEN

FINA RULES- modified for Corporate Games


Any stroke style is allowed in Freestyle. At team challanges, each of the 4 participants will do one lap in Freestyle. Participants can take part at maximum 2 individual challanges and one team challange.


Fill up the detalis of each participants, regardless of him participating at an individual, double or team challange. At double dont write a code on page 2 and fill in only the first and last name of the participants on page 3 and also the code for the double challange. You name must not appear on any other form. All teams members must fill up the same form.

Inot Bucuresti 2018
Progressive Top 8 Point Winners by Event
7102 SWM FREE 50M WOM OPEN            
1   DEUTSCHE BANK   8    
    Alexandra Costea        
2   RCS&RDS   7    
    Valcov Mihaela        
    Andreea Elena Vrabie        
    Mihaela Adriana Seciu        
7117 SWM FREE 100M MEN OPEN            
    Florin Perijoc        
7125 SWM FREE 100M MEN 40+            
1   DEUTSCHE BANK   8    
    Ciprian  Ciobotaru        
    Florin Besleaga        
7302 SWM BRST 50M WOM OPEN            
    Andreea Elena Vrabie        
    Mihaela Adriana Seciu        
7303 SWM BRST 50M MEN OPEN            
1   RCS&RDS   8    
    Szabo Stefan        
    Florin Perijoc        
    Flavian Manea        
7309 SWM BRST 50M MEN 40+            
1   DEUTSCHE BANK   8    
    Ciprian  Ciobotaru        
    Florin Besleaga        

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