Sah Bucuresti 2018

Sah Bucuresti 2018

3. Format
- the chessboard will be placed so that each player has the white square on their right.
- the Queen sits on the same color as the piece.
- the game clocks are positioned on every table so the Referee can easily see it; the game clock is set at 11:30 by the Referee at the beginning of the game.
- the game clock’s flag marks, by falling down, that a player’s time expired; if noticed later that both players’ flag fell down, the referee decides to end the game with a draw (neither the referee, other contestant or spectators have the right signal a player that the flag fell).
- touching a chess piece by a player who:
a. is not at his turn is forbidden
b. is at his turn is obliged to conform to the Pièce Touché - Pièce Jouée principle, which means that the touched chess piece must be moved, regardless of the consequences (if the move is possible). If the intention of arranging the piece wasn’t announced beforehand, the player must move it if it’s his own chess piece or capture it if it is the opponent’s piece.

3.1 Game play
- in a round each contestant play only one match with the color distributed by the Swiss Perfect program.
- before the match the referee will check that the table setting, chess board, chess pieces and game clock are properly set and will verify the match card.
- at the disclosed time of the match the referee will announce “Black start the clock” and all games will start at the exact same time, white being able to make the first move (only one move)
- any issues that rises during the match must be directly signaled to the referee, without disturbing the silence in the room.
- at the end of the match the two players agree with the result card (1 - 0, ½ - ½, 0 - 1) and sign both cards, the player with the colour white having the responsibility of handing in both cards to the referee, redo the chess board in order to keep the boards integrity and possibly return the chess set to the organizers.
- the referee must assure that neither the spectators or other players will influence the gameplay.

3.2 Match format
Matches are played in the fast chess rhythm, each player being granted 25 minute for the match with the obligation of writing down the first 40 moves.

3.3 Incorrect moves
Incorrect moves are when chess pieces are moved (with/without capturing) or complex moves, moves that are done without right (multiple moves) or not taken moves (passes are not permitted). During the match the opponent noticing his game partner did a mistake must signal the referee, on his time. The referee will write down the times of each player until he will verify the correctness of the move and depending on the conclusion he will decide:
a. if the error is confirmed:
- moving the piece back to the initial position before the error occurred
- setting the game clocks of the two players as following: New Time (number of valid moves/ number of moves up to the error) and Time that passed since the error occurred
- obliging the player who committed the error to make a valid move with the same piece he committed the error with from its initial position
b. if the error is canceled:
- the match will continue from the same positions and without resetting the time

3.4 End of the match
A match is considered over when one of the following situations occur:
- a player did now how up at the table until the flag fell, he losses the match and is written down with + - (1-0) or - +(0-1)
- giving up a match: one of the player gives up the match, stops both game clocks and writes it down on the match cards with the score 1-0 or 0-1 and signs them.
- agreed draw: both player agree to a draw, stop both game clocks, write down the results on the match cards and sign them.
- confirmation of the Referee to the request of one of the players who by the Rules of Chess signals the end of a match because one of the following situations:
a. Check Mate- the player at turn doesn’t have any other legal moves and his king is in the check position (victory- result 1-0 or 0-1)
b. Stalemate (pat)- the player at turn doesn’t have any more legal moves, but his king is not in the check position (draw- result ½-½)
c. Eternal check- the player at turn can prove to his opponent that he can’t stop him from checking at any move (draw- result ½-½)
d. Repeating moves- the player at turn can prove that after a certain move the pieces return for the third time in the same position.
e. Impossibility of check mate- the player at turn can prove that it is impossible for the opponent to attack the king regardless of the moves he makes (repeated blocking) or invokes one of the Theoretical Draw situations presented in the Chess Regulation, such as ends like: King against King, King and Horse or King and Knight against King, King and Knight against King and Knight of the same colour (draw- result ½-½)
f. Incapability of check mate- the player at turn can prove that he is in one of the situations mentioned in the regulation, position in which the opponent can win but the maximum number of moves approved(50 moves from the last capture or the last pawn move) were passed (draw- result ½-½)
g. Passing the thinking time- the player at turn notices that he opponents flag fell (victory- result 1-0 or 0-1)

3.5 Discipline
During the competition, maintaining discipline is compulsory; players and spectator must keep quiet and be decent. Players do not have the right to consult with anyone, neither directly, no through other communication devices, regarding the match. They are also not allowed to consult any chess materials.


FIDE RULES- modified for Corporate Games


Participants can sign up on the same entry fee to both an individual and a team challange. 25 minutes per player per match The competition is in Swiss system.


Smart casual. No jeans.

Organizers provide chess boards, pieces and watch.



Sah Bucuresti 2018
Progressive Top 8 Point Winners by Event
1402 CHS INDIV WOM OPEN            
    Diana Alexandra Dinca        
    Andreea Teodora Patrascu        
3   WNS ROMANIA   6    
    Mihai Gabriela        
4   WNS ROMANIA   5    
    Lazari Natalia        
1403 CHS INDIV MEN OPEN            
1   REWE ROMANIA   8    
    Grecu  Dragos Catalin        
    Ion Constantin Udrescu        
3   DEUTSCHE BANK   6    
    Valeriu Vrabie        
    Mario Bucur        
    Andrei Dragan        
    Florian Mihai Munteanu        
    Ionut Alexandru Munteanu        
    George  Cozma        

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